Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shape Shifting Devices - Morphees

Shape on Demand, Shape-shifting and Shape-resolution are the terms introduced in the research paper presented by the researchers led by Dr. Anne Roudaut and Professor Sriram Subramanian.

These researchers from the Department of Computer Science at University of Bristol will be unveiling the prototype mobile device - Morphee - that can change shape on demand. The team has built six prototypes using the latest technologies in shape changing material such as shape memory alloy and electro active polymer.

A video of Morphees

Dr Anne Roudaut said: “The interesting thing about our work is that we are a step towards enabling our mobile devices to change shape on-demand. Imagine downloading a game application on the app-store and that the mobile phone would shape-shift into a console-like shape in order to help the device to be grasped properly. The device could also transform into a sphere to serve as a stress ball, or bend itself to hide the screen when a password is being typed so passers-by can’t see private information.”